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Directory of Messianic Organizations in Israel

Kehila News Directory is a searchable list of congregations, ministries, and businesses related to the Messianic Community in Israel

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Ashkelon Congregation

Hebrew and English

Beit Hallel Congregation

In 2005 we started a first ever Hebrew speaking Messianic congregation in Ashdod, a coastal city in the southern Israel. Since the very beginning our vision and focus have always been on evangelism and gospel outreach, establishing a discipleship and…

Beyt Ezra- "King of Glory” Church


City of Life Messianic Congregation

Located in Sderot, southern Israel less than a mile from the border with Gaza, the congregation began as a group of prayer among young students from the local university in the year 2000. The city has been an…

Derech v’Emet (The Way and Truth)

Eilat Congregation

Eilat Congregation John Pex, elder meeting on shabbat: 10:30 Kanyion Ha’ir Friday evening at Shelter Hostel 19:30 (18:30 winter)

Grace & Truth Christian Congregation

Grace and Truth congregation is one of the veteran congregations in the land with 150 members. It was founded in 1976 by the pastor Baruch Maoz in the town of Rehovot, for many years the congregation has gathered in Rishon…

Hasdey Yeshua Congregation

Hasdey Yeshua is a Messianic congregation located in Arad, Israel. We’re in the northern Negev desert, about twenty minutes from the Dead Sea. Hasdey Yeshua began in 1999 as a small mid-week Bible study. As the group grew…

Kehilat Netzar BeMidbar

Meetings are in Dimona, Yeroham, and Beer Sheva Pastor of congregation in Dimona and Yeroham is Alex Rabinski. Pastor of congregation in Beer Sheva is Roslin Yaspovitz

Maayan Eilat

Mitzpe Ramon Home Congregation

 We meet some time at 17:00 on Shabbat. 

Nachalat Yeshua (Yeshua's Inheritance) Cong.

The first Messianic congregation/church in Beer Sheva in modern times (meaning our lifetime!) is called by the name Nachalat Yeshua, which means Yeshua’s Inheritance.That’s who we already are now, along with all others whose faith and hope are in Him…

Rehovot Messianic Assembly - Derech Ahava

Rehovot Messianic Assembly has been operating in Rehovot for over 10 years, and is made up of Hebrew and non-Hebrew speakers from the local and surrounding area.  Weekly worship services are held in Hebrew on Shabbat, and translation to…

Way Truth and Life


Hands of Mercy

Hands of Mercy was established in 1992 as an Israeli non-profit, humanitarian aid outreach organization for the purpose of providing comfort and support to the many injured soldiers and victims of terror living throughout Israel. For legal purposes, Hands of…