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Elon Moreh, Lior Tisson
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Moriel Israel

Moriel Israel, or by our official name: The Work of Moriel in Israel Ltd (CC).
Is the Israeli representation of the international Moriel Ministries.

Moriel is an Evangelical-Christian/Messianic organization that has engraved the love of Israel on its banner.

Moriel Israel operates as a public benefit company in the following areas:

  • We are committed to fighting anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism among evangelical Christian communities around the world. We work to achieve this goal through outreach, both by online and broadcasted media, and through personal outreach in evangelical communities.
  • We are committed to assisting and supporting Messianic and Evangelical-Christian fellowships and ministries in Israel. We work to achieve this goal through collecting donations from individuals, communities and evangelical organizations abroad and transferring them to communities, institutions and organizations in Israel, whom we know and cherish.
  • We are committed to building bridges for honest and respectful dialogue between Jews and Evangelical-Christians. We work to achieve this goal through creating good-spirited and respectful dialogues between Jews and Evangelical Christians, both online and in the public space, both in Israel and abroad.
  • We are committed to encouraging Evangelical-Christian tourism and pilgrimage to Israel. We work to achieve this goal by advertising Israel as an ideal tourist destination for Evangelical-Christians who believe the Bible, both through personal advocacy in Evangelical and Christian communities around the world and through online advertising.


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