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Shmuel Salway, Yochanan Stanfield
Petah Tikva, Israel
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Yad HaShmona, D. N. Harei Yehuda, 9089500,

Lech L'cha

Lech L’cha’s goal is to bring glory to Yeshua the Messiah by encouraging young Israeli believers to live a life of discipleship, to daily study God’s Word, spend time in prayer, worship, fellowship, and do evangelism. Our goal is to know Yeshua, to walk with Him, and to make Him known.

Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. We seek to equip young Israeli believers for life and ministry (whatever vocation they may be called to, whether secular or sacred), while keeping Yeshua (Jesus) at the centre of all we do. We aim to help them become fully grounded in the Word of God; to learn to live the life of a disciple of Yeshua, which is also expressed in the lifestyle of evangelism; to be equipped for service in their local congregations, according to the giftings God has given them and His calling in their lives, and to grow in leadership skills.

Lech L’cha is a non-profit organization, registered and recognized as such by the State of Israel. In addition, we enjoy and benefit from an oversight committee which is composed of pastors representing different congregations from around Israel. Lech L’cha does not belong to any particular congregation, but works in cooperation alongside the local Israeli congregations, while maintaining the importance of the local congregation as the first and foremost framework for growing in the Lord. We aim to serve God by serving the entire body of Messiah, preserving the unity in faith, while encouraging and supporting the local congregations.

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