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Tom Hess
Jerusalem, Israel
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Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations

Join us running with the vision as you visit the 7 mandates of Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations. Also, visit us on the Mt. of Olives, Bethany-Bethphage, where:

  • 7 of the most significant events that happened in the life of Jesus happened here;
  • our 24/7 Harp & Bowl, which has been continuing non-stop for more than 25 years at ground zero of the global World Wide Watch;
  • join us individually or as a group for one hour, day, week or apply to join on our staff;
  • you can acquire books and materials from the Watchmen's Arsenal to be better equipped to prepare the way for the coming of the King of Glory!
  • Join us at the All Nations Convocation Jerusalem & Watchmen's tour of Israel, September 13th - 27th, 2015
  • Join the vision of Isaiah 19:23-25 to see progressive peace in the Middle East
  • Support financially the Multifaceted Gobal ministry of Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations
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