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Jerusalem Eternal Tours


Jerusalem Eternal Tours, ("JET") is an Israel-based tour company that operates within the Incoming Division of Eshet Tours, one of the largest travel companies in Israel. 

Jerusalem (Hebrew: ירושלים‎‎) is located on Mt. Zion. In Hebrew, it is pronounced Yerushaláyim, which originally means, established peace.

Eternal (Hebrew: נצחי), the Hebrew word for Eternal is pronounces nitschi, Jesus never promised it will be easy, but He did want us to take courage and know that He obtained true victory that will last FOREVER!

John 16:33 "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world".

In this context, the root word for overcome (Hebrew: נצחון) is the same of Eternal. We invite you to come to Jerusalem, the city where Eternal Peace has been established.

JET, was founded to bring bible believing Christians to Israel in order to establish the following goals: 

 - Study the bible and it's meaning to our lives today.

 - Understand prophecies concerning Israel especially in light of current events.

 - Bridge gaps and connect Christians with the locals.

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