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Holy Language Institute

Our focus as a ministry and movement at holylanguage.com is on following Yeshua of Nazareth, in a Hebrew way, together. What exactly does that mean to us?

Following Yeshua... When the first disciples heard "follow me", they understood they were being invited into a relationship with this Rabbi from Nazareth. Through this journey of discipleship they would become like him, and go on to change the world for him. They knew that following Yeshua was all about knowing Yeshua.

In a Hebrew way... That's why we are learning to read Yeshua's Bible, in his language! Hebrew isn't just a language - it's a way of following in the footsteps of Jesus, our Jewish Rabbi and Messiah. Christ is best understood within the original Hebrew context of the Bible. This makes Judaism’s holy language especially sacred to us.

...Together  The individuals who followed Yeshua became a safe and loving community. Same with us! As an organization educating individuals, we're Holy Language "Institute". As students supporting each other, we're the Holy Language "Tribe". Together, we are a movement, making disciples and changing the world. 


Some of the learning experiences we offer include the follow courses, lesson series, and resources: 

Hebrew Quest is our foundational course. In these forty lessons you'll learn alphabet and grammar, read famous chapters of the Bible in their original language, hear the supernatural story of Hebrew's history, devotionally pray the names of God, and more.

Hebrew Verses picks up where Hebrew Quest leaves off. It's almost like getting together for coffee with Izzy every week and having him personally disciple you. You pray and read the Hebrew Bible together, and Izzy explain things and makes dumb jokes as you go.

Mishnah Snapshots Catch startingly personal glimpses of Rabbi Yeshua, and get a better understanding of the New Testament and traditional Judaism, as Izzy takes you on these guided tours through some of the oldest Jewish writings outside the Bible.

Hebrew Sketches are conversations about big, real life questions like "what's love?" Izzy uses tons of visuals and funny memes to show you the concrete word pictures and connections you'll only get in the Hebrew. You'll be surprised just how much is lost in translation.

Modern Hebrew Elihana is our guest teacher, teaching modern conversational Hebrew from the Foreign Service Institute's basic Hebrew course. She spices up these lessons with news updates, snatches of Israeli culture and geography, and Messianic praise songs.

Translation Reviews  The #1 question we get asked is which translation we recommend. This series reviewing Bible translations from traditional Jewish, Messianic Jewish, Hebrew Roots, and Sacred Name perspectives, is our in-depth answer.

Recommended Resources  Our favourite Hebrew Bibles, dictionaries, and grammars, Siddurs in Hebrew and English, books on the Festivals, and references such as the Mishnah and Talmud. Many of these are downloadable pdfs, and some are links to purchase.

Join our thousands of students in over a hundred countries - become a member and start learning with us today at holylanguage.com!


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