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Jacob Damkani and others
תל אביב-יפו, Israel
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שופר הישועה

Go up on the high mountain, bringer of good tidings to Zion.
Lift up your voice with strength, O you who bring good tidings to Jerusalem; Lift up, don't be afraid. Say unto the cities of Judah behold your God! Isaiah 40:9

Trumpet of Salvation to Israel was founded by Jacob Damkani in 1984. We are called to preach the Gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) 'to the Jew first' and also to the Gentiles.

The Trumpet ministry is dedicated to bringing the Jewish Messiah to the Jewish people in a Jewish way in order for God's covenant people to recognize their own Messiah who was promised to their forefathers and long-awaited through many generations but made strange to them through long and tragic interactions with people and churches who were not truly Christian.

We believe that Gentile believers have a big part in bringing the Gospel back to the Jewish people and offer instruction and first-hand experience for just that in Trumpet.

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