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נתיביה אגודה לחקר כתבי הקודש

'Netivyah' means 'the path of the Lord' and was established in 1979. It is an Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to presenting Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah Who is promised to Israel and the world.

With an emphasis on biblical research and teaching, our desire is to draw believers to a richer understanding of God's Word in its original Jewish context. We strive to be faithful to the entire Scriptures, seeing the New Testament as a Jewish book, inseparable from the Hebrew Bible. Likewise, our service to our community (both spiritually and physically) is a cornerstone and a natural expression of our commitment to God and to following in the footsteps of Yeshua the Messiah.

We have been blessed to witness the physical rebirth of the State of Israel. We believe and anticipate that the spiritual restoration of our nation is soon to come!

- To be a bridge of understanding and restoration between Jews and Christians.
- To research and teach the Bible within its historical and cultural context.
- To provide spiritual support and humanitarian aid to our local community.
- To remove stumbling blocks between the Messiah and His people.

What we do
- Netivyah publishes and distributes biblical commentaries, books and a free periodical magazine called 'Teaching From Zion'.
- Netivyah's congregation, 'Roeh Israel', is a spiritual home to many believers in Jerusalem.
- We assist believers worldwide in dealing with theological issues and growing in biblical faith.
- 'Hamotzi', Netivyah's food distribution center, weekly provides for over 150 poor families throughout Jerusalem (that’s over 700 people) with generous and nutritious food packages, and has been doing so for over 20 years. We serve those sent to by the local local Social Welfare
  - Netivyah assists Israeli Messianic university students by providing scholarships.
- Our youtube channel (netivyah.org) offers a variety of teaching series by Joseph Shulam and Yehuda Bachana.
- Netivyah blesses all the Messianic soldiers of the IDF with a generous package for Purim for over 15 years.
- Netivyah co-hosts Holocaust survivors and blesses them with a rich meal.
- Netivyah offers free housing in cooperation with the local Social Welfare to those in need of temporary medical treatment.
- Netivyah has been teaching Hebrew and biblical topics for 2 years to the Lemba People of Zimbabwe and visited there once.


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