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Medallion Israel

Our vision is to prepare and distribute Messianic (Christian) educational literature in Hebrew for the teaching of children and youth and the equipping of the body of Messiah in Israel, so that they will be skilled in the use of the Scriptures, and able to use and apply them on their own. The materials which we produce are written from the Hebrew Scriptures (not translated), and reflect the real life issues in Israel.


Medallion offers:


  • The Yaldei-Yah children's magazine.
  • Educational materials rooted in the Bible.
  • Helps for parents in teaching the Word of God to their children.
  • Children's reading and devotional books.
  • Aids for teaching all ages in different settings (camps, congregations, homes, clubs, etc.)
  • An online-teacher-training course, as well as teaching at conferences and workshops.
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