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מקור התקווה

Makor Hatikvah means “Source of Hope.”

Makor HaTikvah's vision is to academically, spiritually and morally equip the current generation of Israeli Messianic children and youth to be a light to our people and take on leadership roles in every area of our society in order to affect the spiritual environment of Israel.

Makor Hatikvah's mission is to provide an alternative source of education for the children of Israeli Messianic Jewish families as well as temporary or long-term believing families who desire that their children become an integral part of Israel's society during their stay in the Land; to provide them with an excellent Hebrew education that is both academic and spiritual, with an emphasis on the shared culture, history and values of our people; to promote a love for God and His Word, to encourage a personal walk with Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, respect for others and accountability for one's actions; and finally to equip our students for higher education, giving them the foundational skills and values necessary to live their lives as Jewish believers in the land of their forefathers.


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