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Fredi and Beate Winkler-Malgo
ביתי הארחה
חיפה, Israel
פרטי קשר
+972 4 837 74 81
[email protected]
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ת.ד. 6208. מיקוד 31061, חיפה,

Hotel Beth Shalom

Beth Shalom was first created as a branch of «Missionswerk Mitternachtsruf » (Midnight Call ), a worldwide ministry with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. For Wim Malgo, the founder of the Beth Shalom guesthouse, the return of the Jewish people to the land and the establishment of the State of Israel were clear signs of Jesus’ imminent return. In his sermons he constantly pointed out that Israel is the visible sign of this event and that Christians should be awake and ready for it.

The hotel was destined to serve as an effective and practical sign of the closeness that believers have with Israel and the way how God is dealing with His people. From its inception it has served as a starting point of tours through the land, so that many visitors can see with their own eyes how the ancient biblical promises for Israel are being fulfilled, promises that God proclaimed through His prophets thousands of years ago.

The first Beth-Shalom Israel tours were arranged in 1970. Since that time we have organised tours for many thousand visitors. One of the annual highlights is our «Congress Tour» including a two-day conference on biblical prophecy. Moreover, the hotel Beth-Shalom is open for both groups and individuals.

The management of the hotel is in the capable hands of Fredi and Beate Winkler-Malgo. As a licensed tour guide Fredi Winkler has a profound knowledge of Israel’s multi-faceted history, and he has the unique gift of combining facts of the land’s biblical past with recent and future developments. Guided tours with him make a stay at the hotel Beth-Shalom an unforgettable experience. He is also willing to arrange personalized excursions and tours for individuals or small groups. A minibus with 13 seats is available for these tours.

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