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Richard and Carolyn Hyde

Heart of G-d Ministries

Heart of G-d Ministries is actively engaged in promoting Aliyah (the Biblical return of the Jewish people to Israel), and encouraging and equipping Christians to fulfill their Biblical calling toward the Jewish people.

G-d promises that after their return to the land, He would “sprinkle clean water” on them, give them “a new heart,” and put His Spirit within them (see, for example, Ezekiel 36:24-28).  In fulfillment of G-d’s Word, for the first time in centuries, the heart of the Jewish people is beginning to open to an understanding of the restoration of Israel.

At the same time, G-d is opening the eyes of many Christians to understand their calling toward the Jewish people. Heart of G-d Ministries desires to encourage Christians to fully understand and actively participate in what G-d is doing in Israel.

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