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Marcel Rebiai
ירושלים, Israel
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(41) 44 935 47 51

Community of Reconciliation

The community of reconciliation is an international Christian community. Our goal is to love and be a witness of the atonement of Christ by words and deeds. We are committed to promoting peace and reconciliation between different ethnic groups. This is done through a holistic lifestyle that is based on the life of the first Christian community in Jerusalem.

As the community of reconciliation is working in various conflict regions of the world, we are committed to the privacy of our employees and partners. That is why we do not publish further information on the Internet. For information please call personally at our office in Switzerland.

The headquarters of the foundation is located in Switzerland. The financing of our mission is done via donations; Donations to the GDV as a recognized non-profit organization are tax deductible in Switzerland.

The community of reconciliation is a member of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA).

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