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Andrey Teplinsky
חיפה, Israel
פרטי קשר
[email protected]

Carmel Streams

The vision of “CARMEL STREAMS” is the bridging between the nations and the Land of Israel. One of our goals is to bring the light of God’s word from Israel to the nations. The primary method of accomplishing this purpose is to conduct seminars, conferences and small group studies focused on God’s plan for the nation of Israel. An integral part of our ministry is the organization of intercessory and worship meetings in the land of Israel and abroad. We are committed to raise up a new generation of worship leaders, musicians and disciples of Yeshua, a people who will bring changes to our nations.

One of our mandates from the Lord is to stand in the gap, on top of Mt. Carmel, for outpouring of the Holy Spirit and salvation of Jewish people. Please join us in our prayer watches at every Wednesday at Kehilat HaCarmel from 10:00-12:00.

If you would like for Andrey to speak to a group, please contact us at [email protected]

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