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Jim Jacob

A Lawyer's Case for God by Jim Jacob


A Messianic Jew has written a compelling and fascinating evangelistic book geared to Jewish people entitled A Lawyer’s Case for God

Jim Jacob (pen name used for privacy), a lawyer, Jewish Believer, and former atheist, has written a book that provides compelling evidence for the existence of God, the validity of the Bible, and the resurrection of Yeshua.

The book also responds to many issues that are often raised by non believers such as:

1. I am a good person and that is all that matters.

2. God has not answered my prayers and seems distant.

3. As long as you are happy, that is all that really matters.

4. If there is a God, why is there so much suffering.

5. The Hebrew Scriptures do not speak of a Messiah coming 2,000 years ago.

The 145 page book is entertaining and very easy to read. A perfect supplement to drive home points you have been making to unbelievers and to build the faith of believers.Jacob responds to arguments he used to make before he came to faith.

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