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Adv. Marvin S. Kramer, Gen'l Mgr.
חיפה, Israel
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A Future and A Hope

The goal of "A Future and A Hope" is to inform all of the inhabitants of the land at this time in Israel's history and to be a voice in the educational darkness prevailing here regarding the subject of artificial abortion and its consequences. We recognize that a woman in a crisis pregnancy situation has many more issues that she needs to deal with than just the pregnancy. At "A Future and A Hope", we counsel regarding sexually-transmitted diseases and actively promote abstinence before marriage. In this regard, we have conducted seminars and held workshops relating to the development of the child in the womb, sexual identity and awareness, sexual integrity, pornography, pedophilia, and how parents can teach their children about these subjects. We also provide abuse counseling, for those who suffer from physical, emotional and spiritual abuse and have been privileged to speak in educational institutions from the 5th grade to and including university level about the above subjects

We render assistance to the entire family, not just to the mother and pre-born child. For the pregnant woman, we provide, through our First Year of Life Program, all of the essentials for the newborn’s first year, including cribs, changing tables, clothing, bottles, bibs, pacifiers, strollers, baby carriers and diapers all year round, just to name a few. In addition, we provide a monthly financial subsidy for a full year, by way of gift certificates redeemable at a local supermarket or pharmacy, to help supplement the needs of the mother and the newborn. In this manner, we try to take much of the initial, financial burden off of the mothers (or parents), so that they would be able to concentrate on taking care of their newborns, without the added pressures of providing for material needs. These monthly subsidies provide substantial assistance to the families, which often include more children than just the newborn. Even beyond the first year, we follow-up with each family and continue to supply diapers and clothing, as well as training underwear, as the child grows.

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