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Ye'shi (Jesse) Reinhardt
Sderot, Israel
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050-202-3045 (Israel Cell), 718-964-3980 (US Cell)
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Hands of Mercy

Hands of Mercy was established in 1992 as an Israeli non-profit, humanitarian aid outreach organization for the purpose of providing comfort and support to the many injured soldiers and victims of terror living throughout Israel. For legal purposes, Hands of Mercy is registered in Israel as a humanitarian organization, the same in Norway, and in America as a non-profit, 501-C3 organization. (See following details.)

The initial home of Hands of Mercy was in Jerusalem for nearly seven years. We were assisting victim families throughout the country during events of suicide terrorism and war. In 2009 during the 'Cast Lead Shield' war, we moved the main thrust of our work and office to the small war-torn community of Sde’rot where over 10,000 rockets in 8 years had ’rained down’ from Gaza.

We rented a small building in the city center that would enable us to assist many families who were struggling with trauma and poverty. Due to increasing challenges for space, we soon outgrew the old, 70-square-meter daycare facility and began adding various tent structures to better serve the people...thus establishing our present 'Tents of Victory' facility.

As an active affiliate of 'The Joseph Project,' we began receiving tons of quality clothing and household items each month that were deeply appreciated by needy families in this depressed community. Other compassionate families then began to bring their unwanted clothing and the volume soon equaled a ton each month. Before long, we were giving not only to the public, but donating tons of clothing to other Israeli outreach facilities.
As of now, we have been blessed to import seven huge containers of food for distribution to struggling families and compassion outreach centers throughout Israel...while continuing in our active home and hospital ministry. (See our compassion and crisis projects.)

Since 2009, we have developed many creative projects to meet the needs of our war-torn community: soup kitchen and school sandwiches for hungry children and families, adoption sponsorship program and home industry projects for needy families, bomb shelter boxes, a crisis preparedness project and a strategic agricultural project to prepare for difficult days ahead. 

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