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Bible Society in Israel
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HaKtuvim.co.il is operated by the Bible Society in Israel.  Our vision is to facilitate the study of the Scriptures, free of charge and free of advertising, both in Israel and throughout the world.

This site is not associated with any organization, denomination, synagogue or church, but is meant to serve people from any background who desire to dig deep in the Scriptures. The Word of God was given freely to the world through the Jewish people, and we endeavor to play our part by making the Bible freely accessible to all.

In the Israeli context, there are many immigrants who do not speak Hebrew as their mother tongue, but are doing their best to learn it. In addition, there are many Arab Israelis who speak both Arabic and Hebrew. Therefore, while our primary focus is Hebrew, we also plan to continue developing resources that specifically respond to the needs of the multilingual Israeli community. We feel that these resources will serve many people worldwide as well, and are not only limited to the Israeli context.

We believe that the Scriptures are an essential and primary part of a personal relationship with God. Therefore, we hope that the study tools offered on HaKtuvim.co.il help you discover the meaning of the text of the Bible in a personal way. While some groups and organizations focus on minor teachings that often hinder a person’s understanding of the God of the Bible and His plan for people, we strive to provide tools that bring you closer to the text itself, trusting that the Holy Spirit will guide you in your understanding.

At The Bible Society in Israel, we strive to provide the most accurate and authoritative Scripture resources available. If you find any errors, please contact us, and we will correct them.

If you would like to order a printed copy of the Bible in Hebrew or English, visit our online store.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. We would love to hear how HaKtuvim.co.il has been a blessing to you.

We hope that you enjoy the website, and that it is a useful tool for you and many others to study the Bible and come to know the Author.

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