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Arik Pelled, Naamah Smith
Jerusalem, Israel
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POB 53357 , Jerusalem, 9153301

E.L.Y Israel - Families department

OUR VISION - Helping to create a glorious body of Messiah in Israel.

OUR MISSION - Counseling to develop a mentally and financially independent person, in order to grow healthy families and strong congregations.

THE WAY WE WORK - Building a network of organizations and people that work together to build the Body of Christ in Israel. 



  1. Coach and help families in economic crisis.
  2. Assist single-parent families: regular meetings, seasonal events, and grocery vouchers given at Holy Days.
  3. Educate congregational representatives, families, soldiers and youth for wise financial management.
  4. Provide occupational counselling and coaching through the project "Strong & Courageous".
  5. Provide referrals for help in receiving civil privileges.
  6. Provide referrals for emotional, personal and family therapy.
  7. Support programs for children from single-parent families or families in economic crisis.

The American organization CBN (Christian Broadcast Network) supports “Ely Israel” by providing employee salaries and basic office expenses, which thus enables the workers to serve the people of Israel and the body of believers in Yeshua. However, not all programs are sponsored by an external organization. Therefore, we are turning to you – congregations, organizations and individuals, with hope of cooperation towards a common goal.


  1. Donating towards purchasing food coupons for Rosh HaShana, Hanukka or Passover, and for winter or summer clothing.
  2. Donating towards an annual retreat for single-parent mothers and children, in which we provide seminars for women on education and civic privileges, and encourage them in various areas.
  3. Donating towards a fun day for children from single-parent families in the summer: a pool visit and a meal. The mothers work but their budget is low, making it difficult for them to allow a pool day in the summer. We provide a pool day and a special dinner.
  4. Emergency assistance for families in economic distress. After pairing with an economic counselor, and if necessary, we contact supporters who might be interested in supporting the family.
  5. Economic assistance for professional counselors working in the area of economic counselling, civic privileges and legal advice.
  6. Scholarships for vocational training in order to enhance the income options and economic situation of families and individuals, and lead them to economic independence.
  7. Economic or practical assistance for emotional help. The assistance can be practical, through reduced rates, or through financial help for the therapist fees.
  8. Physical assistance, such as donating an electric appliance for a family in distress. The donation is according to current need and is made directly to the family in need.
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