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Bible Society in Israel

The Bible Society in Israel continues the ancient heritage of preserving the eternal Word of God by publishing and distributing the Bible including the New Testament, as well as outreach and study materials in Hebrew and other languages.

We supply the Messianic congregations and the Christian churches in the land with their scriptural needs. It is our mandate to research, translate, publish, and distribute the Bible throughout the Land.

Our vision is that the life-changing message of the Bible will shape the community of Israel, and that the people of Israel will learn to know the Messiah of Israel. We desire to bring the Word of God, the good news of peace and salvation, to the hearts of the people of Israel.

Our outreach is to Israelis of all backgrounds and languages, as well as to foreign workers, refugees, and visitors who come into this Land. In addition to Hebrew we supply and distribute scriptures in various other languages (Arabic, Russian, Amharic, Thai, Chinese, Romanian, and more). Many people are being reached with the Gospel for the first time through scriptures in their own language.

The Bible Society in Israel is part of a worldwide fellowship of 145 Bible Societies that operate in over 200 countries and territories. Together we form the “United Bible Societies” (UBS). Our goal is that the Bible will be available, used, and known in Israel and in the entire world.

We are convinced that we have been given this mission by God. He wants his Word to reach everyone.

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