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Chaim and Deanna Malespin
Tiberias, Israel
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050-326-8850 or 052-346-8553 or 04-825-5504
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P.O. Box 2288, Tiberias,

Aliyah Return Center

The Aliyah Return Center offers to needy immigrants in Israel:

• Food, clothing, and shelter: The center provides basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter to new immigrants and people in need, including both Jews and Arabs. The Aliyah Village, which cost $5 million to build, is one example of the housing the center provides for Jewish immigrants, lone soldiers, and others.

• Business assistance: The center helps immigrants to start their own businesses in Israel, providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

• Language and job training: The center offers a 70 person Hebrew school and job integration programs to help immigrants learn the language and skills necessary to find work in Israel.

• Furniture and goods distribution: The center operates a regional distribution center for furniture and goods, and a separate clothing distribution center, which helps immigrants to furnish their homes get new and used clothing, and meet other basic needs.

• Food for the Hungry: We help the immigrants by providing them supermarket, food, vouchers, for the neediest of the needy, and we pack and distribute food packages to numerous cities throughout the Galilee as well as help when possible, at a soup kitchen in Tiberias, by the Sea of Galilee, to provide meals to those in need.

• Prayer House: The center operates the Vertical Galilee House of Prayer, where people can come to pray and worship together.

• Solidarity events: The center participates in and organizes "Solidarity events" worldwide, which help to build awareness of the challenges facing immigrants in Israel and to rally support for their cause.

• Ambassador Academy: The center operates a month long Ambassador Academy, which helps to train people to become advocates and ambassadors for Israel around the world, as well as a large “Restoration” tour once a year

We operate in Unconditional love and Uncompromising faith in God's written prophetic plans for Israel.

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